Cybersafety Research Slack

What is this slack?

We created a new “Cybersafety Research” slack after a (virtual) social hangout hour organized by members of the iDramaLab at ICWSM 2020.

The idea is to connect people around the world who are broadly interested in doing research in cybersafety – roughly speaking, understanding and mitigating modern socio-technological issues on the Web like harassment, hate, bullying, radicalization, etc.

What goes on this slack?

This slack workspace will be used for discussions of various research topics and collaborations, exchange of ideas, advice, etc., as well as to create a network of support for researchers working with disturbing content or studying fringe communities.

How do I join?

This slack exists primarily to foster academic research on cybersafety. To maintain this focused level of discourse, we are restricting membership to those with an active affiliation with a research institution.

We are aware that this is somewhat akin to gatekeeping; however, there are other communities less focused on the needs of academic researchers that are more suited for general discussion of these topics (e.g., the Pushshift slack, which many on this slack also regularly participate in).

To request an invite, please send an email with subject “cybersafety research slack” to, using your research institution email.


This slack is an inclusive and supportive place. We expect that anyone participating in the slack will, at minimum, treat others with respect for their dignity and autonomy.

Behavior that violates these principles may result in being kicked out. Anyone who feels threatened or harassed should not hesitate to reach out to the admins, in DM or via email (